What is 1000 Arrows?

Just as arrows fly through the sky with a destination and a purpose, we are training students to do the same. We want to help young people discover what they were made to do and empower them to go out fearlessly as leaders who can make a difference in our world.

Our purpose is to increase resources for Called to Greatness to reach and impact this next generation with partners who are willing to raise $1000 in 30 days for CTG.
Why it Matters :
  1. Adrian
  2. Jenny
  3. Ashley
  4. Bo
  5. Rich
How to Engage :

  1. Commit to raise $1000 in 30 days.
  2. Decide how to reach your goal. Be creative!
  3. Contact everyone you know to pitch in and help.
  4. Keep checking back here for up-to-date information.
What You Will Need :

  1. Committment Card (.pdf) or Online Committment Card
  2. Ways to Raise $1000 (.pdf)
  3. Enthusiasm!
Hip Mom Jewelry is designing a necklace and ring. Proceeds from the jewelry will be donated to 1000Arrows (http://hipmomjewelry.com) and (www.sportygirljewelry.com).
Amy Eneihen is contributing her proceeds from Mary Kay (www.marykay.com/aeneihen) and Velata sales to 1000 Arrows.
Janelle Keatley is donating a portion of her proceeds from Premier Design jewelry (Janellekeatley.mypremierdesigns.com).
Allison Ramsing is donating all of her proceeds from her sales of Stella and Dot trunk show (To shop: http://stelladot.com/allisonramsing and select Brooke as your hostess as checkout).

Instructions to Donate :

  1. Please click on the "Donate" button.
  2. If someone connected with you to support 1000 Arrows, please include their name in the "Comment" section of the donation form.
  3. If no one connected with you, please leave the "Comment" section blank.
How to Win :

  1. Raise $1000 or more and be entered into a drawing to win a 5-day/4-night getaway in Branson, MO (see details in FAQs below).
  2. Raise $999 or less and be entered into a drawing for a dinner at your favorite restaurant and concert of choice (see details in FAQs below).
  3. Increase awareness of Called to Greatness and know you are empowering young people to reach the Nations. 

  1. Key Dates
  2. FAQs
October 1st : Ready, set, go! Start raising!
October 30th : You have reached the finish line! Last day to reach your goal.
November 6th : Announce winners and grand total.
Disclaimer : Third-Party Fundraisers and Special Events are not coordinated by and are not the responsibility of Called To Greatness (“CTG”).  Third-Party Fundraisers should not state or imply that CTG sponsors an event without the express consent of CTG. CTG is not in a position to supervise each and every event; and therefore, it cannot take responsibility or assume liability for any third-party fundraiser or special event. CTG asks that third-party fundraisers refrain from doing anything that would be considered illegal or that would damage the reputation of CTG. Any expenses incurred through third-party fundraisers are the sole responsibility of the individuals raising funds. CTG cannot be liable or responsible for any costs or expenses in connection with the event. Please keep costs to a minimum to ensure a greater percentage of your funds raised will directly support CTG’s mission. Various Internal Revenue Service rules govern the making of gifts for charitable purposes. In order to comply with these rules, it is important that adequate information be maintained concerning each donor and his or her gift. If the fundraising event is for the benefit of the CTG alone, it is simplest if donors make checks payable to “Called To Greatness” with an accounting for each donor of what they received in consideration of the gift.