Imagine a missions field where representatives from every nation on earth are gathered to be influenced and trained as leaders of the next generation. Imagine a place that is so strategic it has been the seedbed for every philosophy that ingrained itself in the minds of the leaders of the world over the last 200 years. Imagine a place where people are questioning, searching, and pondering the purpose for their life— where in one square mile you can influence the future and change the world. Imagine no more. Such a place exists right here before us – the college campus. Our ultimate vision is to help fulfill the Great Commission by reaching the world studying at American universities.

Historically, the Midwest has been known as the breadbasket of America, a fertile place where crops grow. These crops not only feed America, but other parts of the world as well. Our faith is that God will use our humble efforts in the same way– that Called to Greatness would have an impact not only in our region, but also in reaching the nations for Christ.