Athletic Ministry

Whether you plan on playing sports professionally or just want to build your abilities for fun, Called to Greatness Athletics is designed for all skill sets. We focus on skill development, being fit and having a good attitude. 

In addition to learning developmental skills in the sport you are participating in, we share biblical principles with young athletes to apply to their overall character and leadership. We explore the importance of working together, handling pressure and encouraging one another. Plus, we like to have fun, too.  

CTG  3 on 3 League

Growing and shaping your child’s character and playing skills.

You want the best for your kid, but you’re tired of your child being part of basketball programs that take away the summer and nothing comes from it? Called To Greatness is offering a 3 on 3 League that will give your child a fun, productive and worthwhile summer.

We believe every child should have an opportunity to pursue what they love, to grow & learn at an affordable price. We all face the thought of not wanting to fail our children and give them the best with the resources we have.

For over a decade, CTG has provided positive sports camp experiences for youth in our city including 3 on 3 basketball, Flag Football, and even soccer.

Enroll your child today for $75 before the June 1st deadline so your he/she can receive:

  • Personal attention on and off the court
  • Abundant playing time
  • Lessons that will help shape and grow their character

By the end of the program, your child will not only be a better basketball player, they’ll come away with valuable life lessons that will set them up to succeed off the court, too.

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*Partial scholarships are available. When you register fill out the area for the partial scholarship or download the application and mail it in by clicking here.

CTG Flag Football

Football season is here and your kids are ready to play! The 8th annual CTG youth flag football league offers a safe program where your child can grow in athletic skills, make friends with other young athletes, and develop character in the process.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re putting your child in a program with people who care about them, see sports as more than just sports, and want to help your child become a well-rounded person.

And you can experience it, too! Come on out, grab a cup of coffee, meet some other parents, and celebrate a Saturday spent with the family on the field!

Who: Students Grade 2-7
When: Saturdays September 8-October 13, 9-11 am
Cost: $75