Washburn University is the newest addition to Called to Greatness Ministries!

Located in the heart of Topeka, the capital city of Kansas, Washburn is the home of the Ichabods! The motto of Washburn, “Non nobis solum” which is translated as “Not for ourselves alone” really speaks to the mission and vision behind Called to Greatness.

Our hope is to see students empowered to change their own campus, through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we know that by changing their campus, those students will change the city of Topeka, and thereby change the world in which we live, all for the Glory of God!

Campus meetings Wednesdays 8 pm. Blair Room in the LLC.

For information on getting connected to a small group Bible study, or to hear more about the program, contact Ryan Schlesener at 785-366-0272, or email at ryan.s@calledtogreatness.com.