Straight Up Beautiful

Middle school can be tough. School work gets a little harder. Friends change. Responsibilities grow. At times it can feel hard to stay afloat with all these new changes. But imagine if your middle school years could be lived with confidence, great friendships, and a purpose every single day! This is all possible when we anchor ourselves in God’s truth. Straight Up Beautiful is a one-night conference for middle school girls that invites them to discuss the truth about friendships, identity, and purpose, all while having a ton of fun together. There’ll be food, games, prizes, an onsite taco truck (JB’s tacos) and we’ll even send you home with some awesome giveaways! 

Also, moms and mentors, don’t miss out on your own special gathering that will take place the same night. Check out the details below.

(P.S. Straight Up Beautiful high school is coming soon…)